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Luz & Mannion Dance company | "using a traditional dance form in a new and thought-provoking way"
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Join international guest artists in the virtual studio!


Luz & Mannion launch a new series of online masterclasses called Enfoques which will take place on the last Sunday of every month. Their Spring /Summer season will feature Alejandra Gudí (Madrid/Almería), Gabriel Aragú (Chile/Spain) & Adriana Bilbao (Bilbao) who will share insights into their movement practice & relationship to flamenco. 


For experienced dancers (intermediate + level) who want to deepen their practice and explore diverse techniques and approaches. Visit the ECDP Page for more information!

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Creative Flamenco Laboratories


Luz & Mannion offer an insight into their creative practice, providing specific tools for movement investigation in these 3 hour LABS. Participants generate their own choreographic material and are encouraged to share their findings in a friendly environment, creating an opportunity for positive, constructive feedback from the other members of the group. 

This workshop is designed for both professional and non-professional flamenco dancers as well as dancers of other styles, actors & movers.

Visit the  ECDP Page for more information!

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Blue Ghost UK Premiere Tour 2023

Rich, rhythmical flamenco meets live electronic music in this innovative, multi-disciplinary production. Noemí Luz & Magdalena Mannion will premiere Blue Ghost in the UK this spring. Get your tickets here!


Luz & Mannion draw our attention to the unexpected beauty and rhythm harboured in the insect world in a visual, dynamic and electric flamenco show. Inspired by the Blue Ghost Firefly & the importance of insect conservation this is a nostalgic celebration that reminds us of our interconnectedness, embraces our need for transformation & shows us that even the smallest creatures have an important part to play.

Alongside theatre performances Luz & Mannion will be presenting Blue Ghost Sensory Experiences for SEN Schools and Groups as well as collaborating with a variety of schools and organization on outreach activities. 

Luz & Mannion Dance is collaborating with leading Insect Conservation charities Buglife UK & Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

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Photo by Kieran Jay Johnson

Re Red at the Centro Coreográfico de María Pagés


Luz & Mannion will develop Re Red in residency at the Centro Coreográfico de María Pagés at the Teatro Josep Carreras, Fuenlabrada, Madrid. There will be an open dress rehearsal & Q&A on the 22nd July 2022.

This project takes various forms: a stage work, a site specific piece for library spaces and a dance film short as well as an integrated outreach program. Re Red is a re-reading and re-interpretation of fairy tales and an investigation into the role they play in the collective experience of women. Magdalena and Noemí delve ever deeper beneath the surface of these iconic stories and into a fairytale forest imbued with symbolism.

Re Red is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé. 

Find out more about the project here

Dancing Nation


Luz & Mannion in Dancing Nation


Watch Luz & Mannion this month on BBC iPlayer in Dancing Nation, an online festival created by Sadler's Wells for BBC Arts. It is a three-part celebration of world-class dance featuring new works and audience favourites from big-name artists and breakthrough talent.


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