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Find out about our Education and Creative Development Program

Dotdotdot interviews different flamenco artists about their work

Upcoming online and in-person opportunities to study with Dotdotdot

About the ECDP
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About the ECDP


Luz & Mannion Dance’s ECDP is an online and in studio programme of classes, workshops and bitesize resources around the themes of traditional and experimental flamenco that align with the company’s practice and creative process. Member's of the ECDP have access to the online resource platform as well as discounts on all activities. Find out more


The programme is run by Luz & Mannion’s Artistic Directors Magdalena Mannion and Noemí Luz and features exclusive interviews by guest artists from the flamenco and contemporary dance world, to offer different perspectives and ways into the broad spectrum of flamenco. 

ECDP | Photo by Fran Fernandez Pardo
5 Qs 4

5 Qs 4  Interview Series

5Qs4 is a free series of interviews with different international flamenco artists. Luz & Mannion approach a range of different artists who are working with flamenco in diverse ways to give a window into the broad spectrum of flamenco, hearing all about their work and where they're coming from and shedding some light on their creative processes.

5 Qs 4

Flamenco dancer and creative Pia del Norte tells us about her flamenco, what moves her to create, and collaborating with artists of other genres in Sweden.

Find out more about Pia:

Flamenco guitarist Jero Ferec talks to Luz & Mannion about his background, the project Flamenco Queer & the expectations on guitarists in traditional structures.

Find out more about Jero and Flamenco Queer on instagram:  @JeroFerec  /  @flamencoqueer

Flamenco dancer/choreographer Cristina Hall talks to us about her connection with flamenco, speaking through the body & improvisation.

Find out more about Cristina:

Luz & Mannion Dance classes & Workshops


Live Sessions

Activate body and mind with Luz & Mannion Dance in our playful online dance training sessions. Enrich your own movement practice by getting inside different flamenco rhythms, dynamics & approaches. If you’re a dancer, actor, singer, performer, mover or dance enthusiast these sessions are for you.

We will be recomencing our Live Sessions in the new year.

For more information and to enroll write to us at

Private Tuition


Are you looking to work on something specific? Our one to one sessions are tailored to the needs and level of each individual student. For more information and to set up a class write to us at . Luz & Mannion also offer mentoring and outside eye to flamenco dancers working on choreographic projects.

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"It's a wonderful class with a very special approach"

"These sessions truly boost your dancing, your energy, push the walls of your living room & free all of the movement you hold inside you." 


"It was really immersive for the senses & body. I can’t wait for the next one"

"It was my first

online class that really made me feel like a creative artist"

"you created a class that was really sensitive to participating from home"

Classes & Workshops
Become a Member

Become a Member

As well as gaining you access to the Member's Area, ECDP Membership also entitles you to discounts on all our Live Sessions, classes, workshops and in-person activities as well as keeping you in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities!

*If you'd like more information about becoming a member send us an email:


What is the Member's Area?


The Member's Area is a great resource for dancers and dance lovers alike as well as physical performers & singers with an interest in learning more about flamenco. It is an online platform with a wide range of  resources that you can enjoy at home or in the studio. They take the form of bitesize video tutorials, audio sessions, interviews and link libraries that cover traditional flamenco fundamentals and spark your creativity.


The Member's Area contains:


Choreographic Toolbox

  • Guided Improvisation Audios *including improvisations lead by guest artist Marta Botana 

  • Video Tutorials with choreographic games & exercises

  • Using traditional flamenco repertoire as a source of inspiration

  • FEATURED! Exclusive interview with Blanca del Rey

Traditional Flamenco


  • Finding your Flamenco Posture Warm-Up Audio

  • Introduction to Rhythm & Compás

  • Introduction to Footwork 

  • FEATURED! Introduction to Arms & Hands 

  • Links to music for practicing

  • FEATURED! Introduction to the Bata de Cola (Train Skirt) *Includes an exclusive interview with Yolanda Heredia

Reference Section


  • Useful links with info about flamenco dance and music

  • Link Library of traditional repertoire videos

  • FEATURED! Link Library of Bata de Cola videos

  • Links to documentaries about flamenco dancing

Suggestions Box


This section gives members the chance to tell us what they'd like to learn more about & give feedback about their experience

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Yolanda Heredia

Our brand new bata de cola series features an inspiring interview with maestra yolanda heredia, who tells us about her dance journey & the magic of the train skirt.

Yolanda Heredia en el Perro Andaluz

Check out our new Bata de cola video link library in the reference section & watch videos of bailaores known for dancing with the train skirt.

Photos by Natalia Fedorchenko & Paola Evelina Gallarato

ECDP Website Grey.jpg

Programme Content:

Magdalena Mannion & Noemí Luz

Video, Website & Graphic Design : @la.sinetiquetas

Technical Manager: José Tomé

Photographer: Fran Fernández-Pardo

Transcription and Translation: Magdalena Mannion

With special thanks to:

José Tomé, Kieran Jay Ransford Johnson, Fran Fernández-Pardo, Blanca del Rey, Marta Botana, Espacio ZM & Pia del Norte.

ECDP Website Title .jpg
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