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"Wild Card is innovative and bold and you must visit"


Bringing fresh perspectives from a new generation of dance-makers, Wild Card hands over the curation of the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells to artists from different corners of the dance world. 

Dotdotdot Dance (now Luz & Mannion Dance) curated a Wild Card in May 2016 collaborating with spoken word artist Toni Stuart, cellist Colin Alexander and interactive sound designer Yuli Levtov to create a unique evening of multi-disciplinary flamenco dance and music.


Wild Card is a series of specially curated evenings from a new generation of dance makers, bringing fresh perspectives to the stage. For each Wild Card, an up-and-coming dancer, choreographer or producer is given the opportunity to present work that excites them alongside their own. Tonight is curated by Dotdotdot Dance (now Luz & Mannion Dance), a new company of three British dancers who have fallen in love with flamenco. 


The evening unfolds around three flamenco styles also called “palos” in Spanish, each with their own character and traditional roots. For Wild Card, we have revisited and transformed them, weaving in other elements that do not traditionally belong to those styles, opening up to new collaborators and perspectives, including the stories you have generously shared with us today.

Running order: 

Pregón - Emilio Florido & Toni Stuart

Peteneras - Choreography by Magdalena Mannion  

Bulerías and electronics - Yuli Levtov & Liam Howarth

Guajira - Choreography by Yinka Esi Graves


Interval (20 minutes) 


Sleepwalking - Toni Stuart

Solos and echoes - Colin Alexander

Tarantos - Choreography by Noemí Luz

Running Time: Approximately 75 mins + interval


“We are fascinated by the way the flamenco solo communicates so much in such a short space of time. We started this creative process with three traditional flamenco styles; Peteneras, Guajiras and Tarantos, taking each one and deconstructing them. In doing so, we explored the use of three bodies instead of just one, transforming each solo into a trio. We decided to work with a different collaborator on each piece, choosing artists we felt would contribute to the personality of each style and transform our way of experiencing it. Through this exploration we feel that instead of abstracting from the form, we find an increasingly deeper connection with the textures and nuances that lie within flamenco.”

Magdalena, Noemí and Yinka

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-22 a las 21.

Creative Team


Choreography & Dance:

Magdalena Mannion, Noemí Luz

& Yinka Esi Graves

Curation: Sadler's Wells

Musical Direction: Liam Howarth

Flamenco Song: Emilio Florido

Spoken Word: Toni Stuart

Interactive Sound: Yuli Levtov

Cello: Colin Alexander

Choreographic Advisors: Olga Pericet

Leonor Leal

Costuming: López de Santos

Lighting: Antony Hately

Audience Interviews: Alexander Wallin

Photography: Camilla Greenwell

Production Credits: 

Eva Martinez, Robyn Cabaret 

& the Sadler’s Wells team

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-22 a las 21.

Wild Card Supporters


Wild Card/dotdotdot dance was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


Sadler's Wells & Conservatorio profesional de danza Antonio Ruiz Soler, Sevilla

Dotdotdot Dance would like to thank everyone who offered their flamenco shoes to be used as part of the set.

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Terry Eastham

"Magdalena, Yinka and Noemí really took the dance to a new level for me. They were so elegant and powerful, from their first number, where their movements were initially so gentle, it was difficult to notice the change in position, right up to the fantastically orchestrated final dance with the long dress and shoes – you really need to see it to appreciate it – the ladies were the epitome of Flamenco.

Overall, then despite my initial misgivings, dotdotdot dance proved to be a fantastic evening where the traditional mixed with the modern and a wonderful and talented team put together a really magical show."


Josephine Leask

"Dotdotdot’s interrogations are intelligent, refreshing and compelling to watch. When the group perform altogether and build towards a climax of stamping, clapping music and song, the dancers thrill through their obvious love and understanding of this form."

The Upcoming

Laura Ewing

"The show was thoroughly entertaining, illuminating and pioneering, effectively expressing the pure talent and dynamism of the company’s three founders, all of whom split their time between the UK and Spain. Although this particular performance is only in town for two nights, it is certain that dotdotdot dance will have many more enlightening projects in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for where they will appear next with another inventive and intense take on flamenco."

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