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"Flamenco stripped back to its bare essence."


Dotdotdot Dance (now Luz & Mannion Dance) created No Frills in 2014 with the vision to present a stripped-back flamenco that would break with stereotypes. The show celebrates the raw and yet nuanced energy that flamenco awakens in both audience and performer. It is flamenco stripped down to its bare essence and devoid of clichés. Through a number of flamenco's traditional styles in their most evocative form, this show goes in search of pure and sincere expression asking the spectator to put aside their preconceptions of what flamenco is. The production won the Buxton Fringe Dance Award in 2014 and 2015.

Artistic Team

Choreography & Dance: Magdalena Mannion,

Yinka Esi Graves & Noemí Luz

Musical Director & Guitar: Liam howarth

Song: Anna Colóm

Percussion: Pablo Gómez Molina


1 hour approx

Tour History


Norwich Playhouse, Square Chapel Arts Centre, Bootham School, York, Christ's Hospital Theatre, Horsham, North Wall Arts Centre



Flamenco y Mestizos Festival, Madrid, Buxton Festival Fringe, The Theatre, Chipping Norton, Conway Hall, London, Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, Ustinov Theatre, Bath, Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio Theatre, Guildford


Lost Theatre, London, Buxton Festival Fringe



Oxford Dance Writers (2015)

Susie Crow

'I was reminded of the conversational and expressive quality of this dance of embodied music; faces illuminated by changing moods, the delicacy of fingers razor sharp or fluttering in hesitation, living emotion visible in the twist and poise of torsos, their simple frocks becoming a vital extension of their personalities. They garnered a standing ovation from a rapturous public and we all enjoyed the intimacy of the whole company in spontaneous flamenco banter of dance and music, laughing and egging each other on.'


Buxton Fringe (2015)

Olivia Kehoe

'With rave reviews following last year’s performance, my expectations were high for dotdotdot’s return to Buxton with No Frills. Well, on a wet Monday evening, they certainly delivered. A sold out audience were transported from the Pavilion Arts Centre Studio to southern Spain. But forget about the castanets, fans and frills, as the name suggests this is flamenco stripped back to its core...The choreography is complex yet sharp both in the solos and group pieces. Every tap, clap and finger snap is precise but it’s the energy, power and intensity of the solos that are truly mesmerising.

Whether you’re already a fan of flamenco or not, dotdotdot’s performance will draw you in with its contemporary take on a classic form. Garnering a standing ovation last night, it’s clear that Buxton is still spellbound by No Frills.'


Buxton Fringe (2014)

Robbie Carnegie

‘You don’t have to be familiar with the conventions of flamenco (I’m not). You don’t have to understand Spanish (I don’t). This show transcends language, transcends tradition, transcends conscious thought. The artistry is top-notch, but No Frills is also visceral, instinctual and reaches out on a level that goes beyond mere appreciation, touching an audience to the depths.

I’m no dancer, but I’ve never seen anything like it. And neither will you.’


The Lost Theatre (2014)

Carole Edrich

‘Go see Dot Dot Dot….. It's a superior well thought-through production with better pace and audience engagement than I've seen for years.. even at Sadler's Wells...Now consider three young dancers, each demonstrably good in their own right, each with a different and complimentary forte (which can be expressed in terms of flamenco puro and therefore identified by aficionados and casual flamenco enthusiasts alike) who are able to get together and produce a spellbinding performance without props, flash fusion formats or clever ways to divert the audience’s attention from the quality of their work and you’ll start understanding their appeal.'


Buxton Fringe (2014)

Gillian Keith

‘One of the most thrilling, uplifting and inspiring shows I have ever seen.  Three beautifully unique dancers and three amazingly talented musicians gave a performance jaw-dropping virtuosity and commitment.  I can’t wait to see more of their work.’

No Frills Supporters

Video Footage and Images: Miguel Angel Rosales

Programming / 2017 Tour: Susannah Kraft

Crowdfunding Campaign Video: Shane Hackett

Venue for Pre-Premiere: Centro Cívico Cerro del Aguila, Seville

Crowdfunding Campaign Supporters:

Ana Cerrato, Neil Snodgrass,Tanya Costa, Sarah Chambers, Fiona Hunt Taylor, Helena Cicmil, Josie Lay, Asha Thomas, La Sylvaine School, Robert Dalziel, Carolina Pozuelo, afreerachel, cookie145, Ann Clark, Emily Riley, chipbutty 1988, Ayesha Garrett, Angela Panuccio, Rosie Carter, La Hathi, G. Drayton, Sofia Hamaz, Rachel Levene, & Graham Meakin

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